The firm was founded in 1994 by Pierre-Gilles Laframboise and Alain Gutkin, who were then working together in a major Montreal law firm.

Me Laframboise and Me Gutkin have welcomed as partners over the years the late Me Robert Laframboise, Me Marie-Claude Dumas and Me Nicola Corbo. The firm has 12 lawyers and is still progressing.

The names Laframboise and Gutkin have been welded together for over 20 years and the name of the firm is synonymous to excellence.

The firm dwells in the prestigious Westmount Square where it has been residing now for over 20 years. The firm occupies the top floor of this unique building designed by the internationally acclaimed architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. 

We choose to practice law in a boutique size firm purposely, so that we can offer optimal and personalized services in a welcoming environment, without duplicating the resources and the costs. Our team of twelve talented lawyers can therefore offer affordable rates while being sufficiently large to provide the depth required to tackle more complex litigation files or larger transactions. 

Mission and values

Our firm has acquired an enviable reputation with the courts of all instances, with other law firms, and in the business community for the rectitude, thoroughness and excellence of its lawyers. Beyond handling files, cases and instances, we first and foremost build relationships based on trust.

In our litigation files, these relationships based on trust are the guarantee of a better exchange and understanding of all the stakes and challenges that our clients face, a better cooperation with opposing counsels in the management of the adversarial process, a more attentive and receptive disposition of the decision-makers, and more fruitful negotiations generating better results for our clients.

In our business files, these relationships based on trust allow us to better understand all aspects of our clients’ operations, to accompany our clients from the inception of their businesses and all the way through the blooming period, and to negotiate commercial transactions that take into account all of our clients’ needs.

Our clients put their trust in us because they receive the support of conscientious attorneys, negotiators, and drafters that inspire the respect of their opponents, their business partners, and the courts.

The Courts and our colleagues of other firms know us for our rectitude, our work ethic and the value of our word.

Our commitment

Our work is based on communication and perspective. We give our client the time of day and we protect their utmost interest. Legal issues often arise in the context of our clients’ broader business or personal issues which are equally important, sometimes even more. With good communication, we keep a global vision of all the impacts the decisions we take and strategies we adopt can have.

We listen closely and we have frank and direct discussions. We explore all avenues and analyze the situations on all possible angles. Our advice and our strategies are practical and centered on the best outcome for our clients.